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Digital Electronic Door Lock


Electronic Digital Door Lock L-09

      1.Gorgeous design and futuristic technology

      2English Voice guide feature and with English menu
      3..Smart touchpad with code scrambling technology
      4.Main board adopts American ATMEL + Siliconlabs CPU chip
      5.Emergency power: Micro USB interface design, Available charging by power supply.
      6.Original bio-semiconductor fingerprint scanner imported from Sweden.
      7.Unlocking way: fingerprint+code+ +mechanical key+ IC cards (optional)+Remote control(optional)
      8.Battery operated battery last up to 18-24 months. low Battery Voltage warning.
      9.Surface polishing and electroplating treatment: fungi-proof , moisture-proof and salt fog-proof
      10Color : Gold, antique copper

      11.Material: Zinc Alloy or stainless steel 304

Item No.: L-09
Color: antique copper
Material: Zinc Alloy or stainless steel 304
Available lock body : CX-04 (240×24mm),CX-03(388×40mm)
Suitable for: Family , office , financial room, medicines Tocumen,   government
Power supply :4.5v - 6.5v(4pcs AA Alkaline Battery)
Typical quiescent current : <40μA  ( battery life can be more than one year)
Operating current: <250 MA (driving ability)

Fingerprint capacity:<= 300 groups

Password capacity:<= 300 groups

Peripheral maximum size: 63MM × 105MM
Working temperature:-10 to 70 ℃
Storage temperature:-25 ℃ ~ 125 ℃
Relative hunidity:5% ~ 95%
Implementing agency
DC micro motors
Can be equipped with lock body
international standard lock body